Diocese of Oxford


Child Protection Policy Statement

November 2012
November 2015

For the Parish

Parish Child Protection Representative and

Carolyn Bailey

Children’s Advocates

Carolyn Bailey

David Harris

Appointing Body

Convened when needed; will include at least two people: the incumbent or a churchwarden, and the Child Protection Representative

For DBS checks


Carolyn Bailey


David Harris

Martyn Green

DBS administrator

Caroline Everitt

Registered body for DBS Disclosures

Lighthouse 88

Key roles

The PCC of this Church agreed and adopted the following Policy on Child Protection at meetings held on 19th September 2006 and 5th November 2007. The Policy was re-issued with no changes on 5th November 2009.

The Policy was revised and adopted by a meeting of the PCC on 7th December 2010

The Policy was reviewed by the PCC on 13th November 2012 and re-issued with no significant changes
Names of Key Roles were revised in November 2015


  1. We are committed to implementing the House of Bishops’ Child Protection Policy ‘Protecting All God’s Children, and the diocesan procedures which are based on the Children Act 1989 and the Home Office Guidance ‘Safe From Harm’

  1. We are committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of the children and young people within our church community

  1. We will carefully select and train ordained and lay ministers, volunteers and paid workers with children and young people, using the Criminal Records Bureau to check the background of each person

  1. We will advise the Diocese which Registered Body we use to process applications for Criminal Records Bureau Disclosures
  2. We will advise the Diocesan Safeguarding Children Adviser if we receive a Disclosure which is ‘blemished’ or ‘positive’
  3. We will respond without delay to every complaint made that a young person for whom we are responsible may have been harmed
  4. We will fully co-operate with statutory agencies during any investigation they make into allegations concerning a member of the church community
  5. We will seek to offer informed pastoral care to any child, young person or adult who has suffered abuse
  6. We will care for and supervise any member of our church community known to have offended against a child
  7. We have appointed a Parish Child Protection Representative; a Children’s Advocate; an Appointing Body to confirm the selection of people to undertake work with children or young people; and an Approved Parish Representative to verify the identity of applicants as part of the CRB process. The current holders of these offices are listed on the cover, and a copy will be placed on the Church Notice Board
  8. We will review this policy annually and, as part of this review, we will check that all our procedures, including the CRB Annexes are up to date and are being complied with


  1. This Parish is committed to the recognition of each person’s skills, experience and qualifications. We shall ensure that these are fully considered in the recruitment and appointment of paid staff and volunteers
  2. We shall follow the recruitment procedures recommended in the Diocesan Handbook. We shall formally commission new appointees and ask them to sign a Contract Agreement. The work of staff will be reviewed annually
  3. Information relating to CRB Disclosures will be treated as confidential and will be kept only by the Parish Child Protection Representative and the CRB Administrator. It will be passed only to those entitled to receive it
  4. We shall apply the procedures for recruitment as appropriate to existing staff and volunteers

Working with Children and Young People.

  1. A record will be kept of any children and young people under the age of 18 involved in church activities including children who work with the Bellringers and regularly attend the church crèche. Parents or guardians will be asked to complete a Registration Record for each child, and to sign a form giving Consent to the child’s attending the group. They will additionally be asked to give written consent to any activities or excursions away from church premises. General approval of the PCC will be sought each year for outings of children’s groups away from church premises. Specific approval will be sought on each occasion for events that involve an overnight stay
  2. Group members who wish to remain after they are 18 may become helpers after the normal procedures for interview and CRB disclosure. Group members aged 16 and 17 who wish to act as helpers will follow the normal procedures except that no CRB checks will be undertaken
  3. A copy of the Child Protection Guide and of the Reminder of the Responsibilities of Church Workers will be given to all who work with children and young people. Additional copies will be kept in the Church Office, together with copies of the relevant forms
  4. The policy and procedures set out in the Diocesan Handbook will be followed, including staffing levels, support and training and the transport of children and young people
  5. Health and Safety regulations will be observed and checks on premises used by children and young people will be carried out at least once a year
  6. There should be an annual check that all children have been registered, that parents and guardians have completed a Registration Record and consent Form; and that all Helpers have CRB Disclosures and have received copies of the Policy Statement, Child Protection Guide and Responsibilities of Church Workers

Reporting allegations or suspicions of child abuse

  1. Any suspicion, allegation or disclosure of child abuse will be reported to Social Services, after consultation with the Parish Child Protection Representative. The procedures in the Diocesan Handbook will be followed. The Handbook also sets out good practice for hearing a child abuse disclosure

Use of church premises by external groups

  1. When an external group uses one of our churches or the Oldham Hall, they will be asked to sign a booking form in which they undertake to observe the procedures in the Child Protection Guide and the Reminder of the Responsibilities of Church Workers or their own equivalent procedures

Signed copy of this Policy

  1. A copy of this Policy Statement, signed by the Rector and Churchwardens, is kept by the Child Protection Representative