Parish of Great Missenden with Ballinger and Little Hampden

Verse of the Week

" For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.

( Romans 4:6 )

Service times

4th Sunday of Lent

St Peter & St Paul

Sunday 26th March

0800 - Holy Communion

1000 - Parish Communion

1600 Faith in the world of Physics

(Details of the Music)

St Mary's Ballinger

No service

Little Hampden

1130 Matins

coffee in church from 1100

KIT - Keep In Touch

Our Parish Church family is constantly aiming at being a caring community to everybody living in this parish.

The scheme that we have been trying to operate, more or less successfully for many years now, has recently been relaunched as KIT - Keep In Touch. It consists of Contacts, who are all volunteers and who offer care or help to anyone in the community. Each Contact is available to a number of people in the parish who may occasionally or even regularly need help or information. The Contact introduces himself/herself to those people, so you know who to get in touch with if there is need.

How far that care or help from the Contact extends depends upon the people themselves. Some feel the need to meet regularly for coffee, drinks, lunch or dinner; some don’t meet but are perfectly happy just to know who their contact is, just in case…

We all need care, help, advice, information at some point, regardless how independent we are. Some people who live on their own may appreciate a home visit, an invitation to a coffee morning or just some company, but do not know how to go about it. Sometimes, people who are kept in the hospital, would appreciate a visit, because their relatives live far away or they may not have any relatives left. Knowing who your Contact is, you just get in touch with that person and he/she will help or direct you.

Contacts would like to be helpful, but at the same time they would not like to impose on privacy. They will wait for your call. Also if they do not see you around for a long time, they will try to find out that you are all right.

If you would like to be involved, or know someone who would appreciate a phone call, visit or help, please conact Tricia on 01494 863 348, or Slava on 01494 863 128 or email

Alternatively, get in touch with the Parish Office (01494 862 352) or call in at 2 Walnut Close, between 9am and noon , Monday to Friday).