Festival of Sciences 

For a second time the Church celebrated the Sciences during British Science Week. The aims of the Festival are to celebrate the joy and beauty of the sciences, and to give thanks for and celebrate the lives and contributions of scientists and engineers. Science and faith are often seen as being in conflict. The festival hoped to answer some of the questions relating faith to the sciences - or at least raise them. It also hoped to address the view held by many that the sciences are not for them by showing the beauty and wonder of things scientific. 

The Festival was supported by the STEM Club from The Misbourne School (STEM = Science Technology Engineering Maths) The Club created a series of simple experiments that visitors could try out for themselves. These were very popular, as were the other displays which included the science of jam making, global warming and genetic engineering. The Church bellringers arranged a display of their bells while giving visitors the opportunity to try ringing. The spaghetti bridge making table was very popular with some well-made entries.

Visiting organisations included local engineering companies DRJ Engineering and Silverson, and Prestwood Nature who had a very intresting display of butterfly conservation.

Here are some pictures from the festival which was fairly well supported in spite of the weather.