The War Memorial was cleaned on 19th June 

Jill Pateman has been working on this since 2015. It took a while to prove who owned the memorial. Eventually, the paperwork was found in the bottom of a box of archive papers at the Oxford History Centre. Then the Oxford Diocese had to issue a Faculty to allow the cleaning to take place. Jill then got a grant from the War Memorial Trust to cover some of the cost. Finally, the contractor had to be found and his work checked by the architect before the full clean could take place. 

The cleaning finally happened on 19th June 2018. Funding, as well as the Trust grant, came from a donation from the grand-daughter of one of the war dead, Harold  Patman, and the rest from sales of Jill’s book Great Missenden in World War I. 

The memorial, which now looks wonderful, will be re-dedicated on Remembrance Sunday, a century after the end of WWI.