#AdventForGood Challenge

REACH, our older teenager group wanted to give something back this Advent, which is why they have devised an #AdventForGood challenge.
They have carefully created 24 challenges that both support the community and the environment and are completing one each day. These have been shared on the Church's Facebook page along with photos of them completing the challenges.
They would love you to join in, either on Facebook or by checking this page each day.
If you are on Facebook, why not share your #AdventForGood challenge success by tagging 'Great Missenden Church' in your post!

Day 1: Make a cup of tea for a friend or family member
Day 2: Recycle something it would be easier to throw away
Day 3: Pick up some litter
Day 4: Put your spare change in a charity box
Day 5: Let someone pull out in front of you whilst driving
Day 6: Smile at someone
Day 7: Leave someone a kind note
Day 8: Support a small independent business
Day 9: Tell someone about #AdventforGood
Day 10: Buy a gift for the Old Tea Warehouse
Day 11: Give someone a compliment 
Day 12: Send a Christmas card to an old people's home
Day 13: Spread the word about a small Charity
Day 14: Buy some food for a friend
Day 15: Let someone in front of you in a queue
Day 16: Leave a tip at a restaurant
Day 17: Buy a copy of the big issue
Day 18: Donate something to a charity shop

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