Details of the Great Missenden bells 

We are fortunate enough to have eight bells. The names and details of the bells are as below:

Name Weight Weight Date
Treble 320kg 6.3 cwt 1990
No. 2 361kg 7.1 cwt 1990
No. 3 320kg 6.3 cwt 1692
No. 4 457kg 9.0 cwt 1603
No. 5 610kg 12.0 cwt 1640
No. 6 670kg 13.2 cwt 1824
No. 7 1072kg 21.1 cwt 1623
Tenor 1224kg 24.1 cwt 1840

Total Weight: 5 tonnes 34 kg

A point of interest is that the treble and the third bells are of the same weight, yet they sound very different. This is achieved at the time of tuning, a process taken following casting. The older bells can be, and indeed were, re-tuned when the bells were restored.

The bells are hung on one level in a metal frame, which was installed in 1990 to replace an older wooden one. The ring was augmented with the Treble and Second at the same time.