Christmas Presents for the Old Tea Warehouse 

This year it seems more important than ever to provide some Christmas cheer for the homeless residents at the OTW.

For many this may be the only Christmas present they receive.  We need 60 presents for men (guide price £5-8 approx.) such as woollen hat, gloves, scarf, inexpensive t-shirt, toiletries, card games, biscuits, etc. (no alcohol or after-shave; and label biscuits and sweets, please, to avoid diabetes problems).  If you prefer to buy for one of just four women there please label appropriately, and check first with Jane Ray (862 697). The deadline is 17th December and there will be a large box in the lobby of the Parish Office to receive suitably wrapped presents.

An especial thanks in anticipation of your help in this difficult year. 

Parish Office, 19/11/2020