Going Forward - Filling the Vacancy

Incumbant Qualities 2 jpeg v2We have completed the consultation period, offering over 1000 households in the parish the opportunity to join the discussion and open meetings about the type of priest we hope to appoint.  The word pictures show most of the results.
We now have an in-depth document from which potential applicants will learn a little about the village, the Churches, and the people. The Parish Profile was approved at the Section 12 meeting on 2 December and is available to read by here.

An advert was posted online and in the Church Times, and applications  have been received.  The closing date for applications passed on Sunday and we are shortlisting this week. Interviews take place on Wednesday 26th January and the candidates will all be invited to give a short talk as part of a service of Morning Prayer on that day in Church at 10.00am.
All members of our congregations are warmly invited at that service.