junior church new
Who are we?

We are IGNITE, which stands for "In God New Ideas To Explore". Our members are in school years 5-10 and are aged between 9 and 15.

What do we do?

We meet on the second and third Sundays in term time, as well as occasionally on other Sundays, and either use the vestry during the 10am service or walk down to the Oldham Hall. We also meet for social events now and again. We usually have a theme which we are exploring - recently it's been "Poverty on our Doorstep".  As well as finding out what the Bible has to say about Christian responses to poverty, we've visited the Chiltern Foodbank in Chesham, and we've learned about the work of the Old Tea Warehouse in High Wycombe. We've also given practical support to the Old Tea Warehouse by raising money and providing donations for new residents. We also regularly take part in church services, as well as having fun events like a BBQ and a pizza evening.

How can we help you?

If you are in school years 5-8, do come and join us! Our members are both boys and girls and attend lots of different schools, so no-one feels left out.