Ideas for children 

This is a collection of ideas for prayer, for fun and so on.  Also we have an assemblies and sessions for children page and these are also on our Facebook page, with live assembly at 8.40am on Mondays and sing songs, stories and prayers designed for 3-5 year olds at 9.30am on alternative Wednesdays. 

We are recording children's stories to listen to.

You can find plenty of low-cost activities ideas on the Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls site

This homeschooling during Coronavirus Facebook group has helpful ideas.

The Anti-Baddies Resilience Toolkit and Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus - a Nurse Dotty book - may both be useful resources about coronavirus

Pastoral and prayer resources for children and the Bible Chat Mat colouring and ideas. Holy Week and Easter children's reflective story

Do check out our ideas and things to do page