Occasional Readings 

During these difficult times we'll be posting some readings by members of the Church and friends. They will also be on our Facebook page

Liz while sitting on a bench in Denmark: Time Out

Denmark 200

My Believing Bones
and The New Song by Sydney Carter


Excerpt from Three Men in a Boat

Stepladder and pic 200

Summers Remembered
and Now

David Hockney ipad spring tree

Just In Case

P8064344 Hunstanton cr 200

I Shall Not Hate
and If I Could Tell You Just One Thing

Cistine and multiracial hands

and The Kingdom

green leaf natureleaf0770 200

Some Thoughts on the Future

Blooming in the Desert 200

Two poems: The Trees and I Saw Him Standing

P5051611 bluebells from 2014 0

A reading from the Celtic Book of Daily Prayer


Fresh Bread for May by Joyce Rupp

PC269776 Rosie's loaf white ba

Acorns and Angels by William Ayot

2-acorn-sprout-inga-spence cr

Two readings by Thomas Merton

David Hockney spring daffodils

The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

IMG-8079 Mike O'F 7 May cr 200

Two poems by John Betjeman

missenden church from 2009 02

Some words by Rowan Williams

10 Cloud over Sun David Tracey

An extract from David Whyte's book, Consolations, and Up-Hill by Christina Rossetti

13 IMG 1898 distorted from 201

Fern Hill
and On Children

I+Am+a+Child+of+God+-+600 200

by Jenny Joseph

Irises-Vincent van Gogh 200

Eleanor Roosevelt and Sister Joan Chichester

eleanor roosevelt and sister c

Two Poems by EE Cummings

IMG 1974 Ballinger cr 200

Resurrection by R S Thomas and The Skylight by Seamus Heaney

Hockney Ryoanji 200

Jack and the Beanstalk by Roald Dahl

Beanstalk clip 200