Christmas Tree Festival 

As we cannot do the the Christmas Tree Festival in the Church, it's not going to stop us, we're going on line, just like the Art Festival. 

Watch this page as we add more pictures of Christmas trees and other seasonal activities.

Some of the pictures have large versions if you click on the small version.

Christmas Tree Festival 2020

New trees!

Road Farm

Late Arrival at the Christmas Tree Festival: Wendy Gray has sent these pictures of the tree they made from pieces of pallet wood, cut to length and sanded then "threaded" onto a kind of broomshank trunk. The branches can be swivelled around and ornaments either hung or stood upon them.  Everyone helped and there was careful social distancing to assemble it!  You can see more of what Wendy and her team do at Road Farm on their web site

Wendy Gray 1 250 Wendy Gray 2 250 Wendy Gray 3 250


Leila's Nativity scenes

Leila 1 250 Leila 2 250 Leila 3 250
Leila 4 250 Leila 5 250 Leila 6 250

Junior Church member Leila has made some wonderful Christmas baubles with mini nativity scenes.

James' Trees

James trees 250Junior Church member James has drawn his Christmas Trees.


Cartoons from Jo Laurie

Jo L 1 250 Jo L 2 250 Jo L 3 250


Chif's Tree

Chiff 1 250 Chiff 2 250


Recycled Church candles

Recycled Church candles 250

These are Liza's. The remains of the candles are melted and poured into a mould.


Members' trees

Sally C 1 250 Sally C 2 250 Sally C 3 250

Sally and Laurence

Sally and Laurence

Sally and Laurence

Guy 250    


This is what we are missing - from 2019:

2019 combined 750

Some pictures from Rosie

Rosie tree 250 Rosie Galleries Lafayette 250
The Harper Tree
Galleries Lafayette
Rosie christingle 250 Rosie snowy Christmas 250
Christingle and Crib at Ballinger   Snowy Christmas

MAP - the Junior Church group

MAP Zoom 750
MAP 0 250  

The youngest members of Junior Church had fun making some clay Christmas tree tea light holders and decorations. 

MAP 1 250 MAP 2 250 MAP 3 250
MAP 4 250 MAP 5 250  

These are Leila's Christmas tree tea lights and decorations.

Gateway School 2019

Gateway 250  
A happy memory of tree decorating last Christmas. The pupils at Gateway School made a lovely selection of decorations in their after school art clubs and enjoyed decorating the tree and looking at the splendid variety on show in the church. We hope to be taking part once again next year!

Friends of Great Missenden Parish Church 

Friends 250  

Every year The Friends of Great Missenden Parish Church choose a different theme, we all bring every item in our box of decorations and select them together. All Creatures Great and Small yielded an amazing variety including a bear to go on the top only reached by us standing on each other’s shoulders, the year that we did Birds of a Feather Jill Pateman had just been to Florida where all her friends had been collecting lots of bling to brighten up our more ordinary robins! The church always looks so wonderful, the whole weekend is a huge draw and a special community event, we shall all miss it very much.

Ballinger WI

Ballinger WI 1 250 Ballinger WI 2 250

Ballinger WI enjoy joining local groups dressing the Christmas trees.
Barb Easeman seen here, sadly died recently so it is a nice way to remember her, always.

Ballinger Village

Ballinger 250  

Monkey Puzzle festive cheer on Ballinger Village road!

Great Missenden Baptist Church 2018

GM Baptist 250  

Each year the tree decorated by Great Missenden Baptist Church for the Christmas Tree Festival is inspired by a biblical verse. This is our tree from 2018 entitled "God's Messengers". Luke ch 2 v 10 says, "the angel said to them. 'Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people'." 

The angels were knitted by folk from the Baptist church and used on three occasions. First when the church was open for the High Street Festive Evening. They were the heavenly host backdrop for the stable scene. Children who dressed up chose an angel to take home. Secondly for the Christmas Tree Festival as shown. Finally the angels were hung around Gt. Missenden to bring joy to all who found one.

The Missenden Walled Garden

image011 Walled Garden 250 image012 Walled Garden 250 image013 Walled Garden 250
image014 Walled Garden 250 image016 Walled Garden 250  

Our Members assembling decorations in the Abbey Meadow on formerly potted trees which we planted at the start of the year and were kindly donated by the Roald Dahl Museum team.

We had lots of laughter and fun dressing the trees and kickstarted our Christmas festivities.

The Walled Garden charity has a web site at

Last year's Abbeyfield tree

Abbeyfield 250 Abbeyfield Great Missenden, Making time for older People

Liz and Chris Nickless

Liz 1 250 Liz 2 250 Liz 3 250
Liz 4 250 Liz 5 250 Liz 6 250
Liz 7 250 Liz 8 250 Liz 9 250

Pictures from several Festivals and one from last year's Jumper Day.

Elizabeth Wintgens

Elizabeth Wintgens 250  

My swan song Christmas Window so very special to me. It was always a worry trying to think of new ideas but so satisfying when it was finished at last and seeing the excited children’s noses pressed to the window.

Sue Harratt

Sue Harratt 250  

This year's tree.

Great Missenden WI

GM WI 250  

This is the Great Missenden WI Christmas tree from 2018. Some of the members helped with the painting and glittering and also decorating the tree – it was a snowflake theme.

Prestwood and Great Missenden Trefoil Guild

Trefoil 1 250 Trefoil 2 250

A Badge Tree for Girl Guiding 
Two years ago Girlguiding UK updated many of the badges and awards which the girls can work towards to being them in line with modern themes. One of the major differences was that each Interest Badge had different levels so girls of any age could work towards these badges – from Rainbows at 5 to Rangers at 18. This has proved to be very popular. There are also different skills and areas of modern life which are used to work towards other badges and awards.  Our decorations all had one of the new badges or awards on them and this proved to be of interest to many people. We also put explanations of the new awards system around the tree. We had planned to do a similar tree again this year – but will leave that now for another year.

Great Missenden Cub Scouts

Cubs1 250 Cubs2 250 Cubs3 250

In the dark woods

Wolf cubs gathered around a tree

Some snow fell on that tree

Cubs4 250 Cubs5 250 Cubs6 250
The cubs started to decorate the tree more

More animals gather

They decorated more trees

Cubs7 250 Cubs8 250 Cubs9 250

Christmas and light was spreading in the woods

The wolfs are howling Merry Christmas to everyone

The Cubs’ tree from 2016

The cubs have been meeting on zoom when they have not been able to meet in person. On last Thursday we were reminiscing the woods around Great Missenden that we had last visited earlier this autumn, in the dark. We were talking and drawing together on the zoom whiteboard. He is a few downloads of the work as it was progressing with an added cover story that comes from the titles of each numbered slide. Lord Baden-Powel named the scout section of 8-10 year olds as 'wolf cubs' from the book Jungle Book where the wolves took care of each other, led by leader wolf Akela, and looked after a man cub Mowgli who learned to live in the woods.

A Christmas Tree for this year?

2020-1 250

This was on Facebook!

The Watherston family tree

Watherston 250  

This year's tree which we decorated with the help of our 3 and 5 year old grandsons who are in our bubble. It is a little wonky but I reckon they did a marvelous job. I wasn't even tempted to do little readjustments when their backs were turned!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a much better New Year - Marcia and Richard.

Watch this space for more images of beautifully decorated Christmas trees

Send your Christmas Tree images to David Harris at or give him a call on 01494 868 237